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Victoria Turner is an expert at helping women Get Out of Their Own Way to reach their goals but most importantly... to enjoy the ride!

Victoria believes:

  1. That we are the biggest obstacles standing in our own way of success - whatever 'success' looks like for you.
  2. We don't know what we don't know
  3. In the value of shared experiences. Someone has just navigated similar challenges to the ones you are currently facing, yet we still try to figure it out alone. Sharing is a way to decrease learning curves, accelerate results, and build and strengthen your networks, authentically.

Victoria's approach to creating change is based on 5 steps that need to be present in order to achieve the results that we want. They are the fundamental principles of Your P.O.W.E.R System: A 5 Step Framework For Exceptional ResultsTM, from which all of her group, individual and corporate work is based.

Victoria is also the founder of, a platform for real women to plug in to generate the results they desire at work and in life. Be sure to check it out.

You can contact Victoria directly: or 416-944-9751.

You can also follow her:
Blog: Your Tuesday Power Outlet
Twitter: @TurnerCoaching
Facebook: Turner Coaching