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Victoria is currently moving audiences into action with her engaging and interactive talk titled:
Getting Out Of Your Own Way: How to Take Confident
Action Outside of Your Comfort Zone to Achieve Exceptional Results.TM
  • This workshop/talk is about enabling women to take the specific action they know they've been avoiding, that is outside of their comfort zone, to accelerate their careers and perform to their highest potential.
  • The participants leave feeling empowered, purposeful, and equipped to take action and move their business and careers forward.
  • An incredible way to empower the women in your firm or company to take action by providing them with invaluable tools they can continue to rely on long after the workshop has ended.
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Please NOTE:

The word "Results" in the title can be amended to focus on your event or corporation's agenda. Example: Drive Sales, Grow Your Business, Grow your Book, Generate Leads, etc...

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"Victoria is a gifted speaker and motivator"

"I can now see the same old challenges from a different perspective and now they look completely different, less daunting, and I am going to take action. Thank you!"

"Victoria is so wonderful, relatable and professional. Great job !"

"Victoria's content is very succinct and actionable – she was able to motivate me to position my perceived obstacles as opportunities through her 'growth mindset approach'."

"I now know how to reframe challenges and can choose to find the opportunities, that I CAN take the action necessary with trust and confidence. Thank you!"

"I was limiting myself, and I'm done doing that."

"Words and thoughts cannot express how wonderfully Victoria facilitated our TD Workshop today for women small business owners and professionals . All 22 attendees were engaged and found the session invaluable. The feedback from our hosting TD Staff and participants was remarkable. Victoria's ability to capture an audience for the entire 2 hour session was great. She made guests feel comfortable with her warm welcome and interactive approach with them. Thanks again and I hope to have Victoria out to host another session soon!"



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Women In capital Markets

TD Canada Trust

TD Canada Trust


Lean In

YPO Next Generation

To BOOK Victoria to engage your participants into confident action, CLICK HERE.