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Being a part of a P.O.W.E.R Advisory Board was an incredible experience. By the end of the first few months, I had achieved more than I thought I would have by the end of the program. The program was essential in creating awareness and my ability to reframe what was transpiring around me. It gave me clarity and a laser focus on what I needed to do to move the dial, now. I know that the tools I have learnt will be something I take forward with me. They are transferable to my team and easy to implement. They are the building blocks that have catapulted me into action. Thank you Victoria.

– P.Hicks

In my P.O.W.E.R Advisory Board, I am farther ahead after 2 months than I thought I’d be after the Program’s 5 months. It’s been about carving out time to get clear and strategic, learning tools and leveraging the insights of my peers.

-PAB Member

Victoria is a delight to work with. Her insights and support helped me adapt my leadership style in ways that were natural to me and also produced immediate results. Victoria's suggestions helped me transform a particularly challenging workplace dynamic. She is honest in a very graceful way and her optimism is contagious. It's obvious in working with Victoria that her wisdom is as authentic as her desire to help clients achieve their goals.


"Victoria has so much wisdom, and the principles she shared really hit home with me. I immediately made some changes in several areas of my life - including my relationship with my marriage, my daughter and my business! Every year I invest in personal and professional development, and I have to say, by far, this is the most relevant, most insightful and most applicable learning Program I've ever attended! If you are feeling "stuck or resentful or held back OR if you are ready to take the next step" in any part of your life, I highly recommend her training whole-heartedly!!"

Victoria, you have helped enhance my life and I am forever grateful!!


"Victoria is an energetic and enthusiastic. She pushes me to think more introspectively about my professional development and encourages me personally by reinforcing my strengths and supporting my decision-making skills and professional abilities more generally. I think she is very quick to understand a situation because she's a very good listener and she really wants to get to the heart of a problem."

- Claire

"Victoria is able to ask the right questions, in the right way, to help me zero into what my intuition has been telling me for a while now. She is frank, positive, friendly, and really felt like she has my best interests at heart and is rooting for me to be my best self. Thank you!"

- Karen

"I honestly feel like I haven't had this much energy in a very long time. Your questions are tough but I finally feel like I have a direction to follow. I am actually excited to see where all of this takes me. Thanks for allowing me my tears and not backing off. I think I have smiled more in the last 2 hours than I have in the last 2 weeks."

- Marg

"The five week P.O.W.E.R Toolkit gave me the business tools and practices that I needed to move my business to the next level. Each stage of Victoria's unique process aims at achieving growth in a structured and efficient way. Many thanks Victoria!"

- Nadine

"Victoria really gave the space to get clear on what my values and purpose were, and then face the very important question - why not me!? Learning new ways to reframe everyday challenges as opportunities is something that will serve me immensely moving forward!"

- Jocelyn

"The P.O.W.E.R.Toolkitgave me the boost I really needed in my life, both personally and professionally. The tools used throughout the program were thought provoking and calls to action which then allowed me to revisit the goals I had for my business and for myself. This process generated a new sense of excitement, motivation and a fresh perspective.As a direct result, this has generated more activity for me than I have experienced since starting in this business 5 years ago. I look forward to continuing that trend!! Thank You Victoria!! "

- Julie

"Victoria is able to recognize when you are telling her something with a smile on your face. She encourages you to not only think through the pros and cons of decisions you may immediately be facing but also to think about what else may be possible. Her gentle and thoughtful approach will help you outline clear steps that you can take to ensure that all of the options available to you have been considered and you are on a career (and life) path that makes the most sense for you!"

- Christina

"In a kind manner Victoria is able to pinpoint the beliefs I carried that impede my own success. She won't allow me to stand in me own way and if I encounter a road block she quickly changes gears to help me fulfill the task, the same task but in a different mode. I was stuck for a long time and Victoria is coaching me as I move forward."

- Diane

"Victoria is such a warm and empathetic person that I immediately felt safe and confident in her ability to help me. And she has! In a short period of time I've felt a positive shift in the way I perceive myself and now feel motivated to finally create the type of business I have always wanted. I truly believe that without Victoria's help I would not have been able to move forward down this road to success."

- Laurie

"Victoria listens deeply and questions carefully. She expertly coaches toward clarity and conviction. Working with her has been transformative to my business."

- Chris

"She encourages me to commit to what I want to accomplish, provides me with a structure that allows me to succeed and then cheers me on as I do it. It's fantastic! Worth every penny!"

- Ann

"Often when we face stumbling blocks in life we forget what we already know. I know what worries me, what makes me happy, what success and accomplishment feels like. But then I get tired, or stressed, or a situation out of my control gets in the way, and I lose my focus. Enter Victoria Turner. She asked my pointed questions. She dug for the truth. Eventually, it surfaced. I shared my insecurities. She pointed me forward. I explained barriers in my life. She guided me over them. I leave the conversations feeling light, happy, hopeful, and strangely calm. The answers exist within me; Victoria helps me to find them..."

- Lindsay

"Words and thoughts cannot express how wonderfully Victoria facilitated our TD Workshop today for women small business owners and professionals . All 22 attendees were engaged and found the session invaluable. The feedback from our hosting TD Staff and participants was remarkable. Victoria's ability to capture an audience for the entire 2 hour session was great. She made guests feel comfortable with her warm welcome and interactive approach with them. Thanks again and I hope to have Victoria out to host another session soon!"